13 Blood Bursts in One Pack!



The full blood burst package with a total of 13 separate blood bursts. Good for action scenes that have good amounts of bullets flying through bodies.


If you need blood in your movie, this Blood Burst Pack is for you. With a 30% discount, this is a great deal! Get it while it lasts! Specs: 720p at 30 fps



Slow-mo Special!

 65% off

A pack with 2 separate, slow-motion, high framerate blood bursts. This is a must have for those dramatic scenes where time seems to slow down.


You need this kind of blood effect in your film! Create that suspenseful, dramatic or downright badass action scene with this Slow-Motion Blood Burst Pack.  15% of is a pretty good price for this! Get it now before it's gone! Specs: 1080p at 120 fps

Blood Bursts 1 - 4


Blood Bursts 5 - 8



The regular stock footage blood burst packs. Good for good action films that have some intense shootouts! Comes in packs containing either 4 or 5 files. Specs: 720p at 30 fps

Blood Bursts 9 - 13

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