14 Blood Hits and Splatters!



The complete blood hit/splatter package with a total of 8 different blood hits and 6 different blood splatters. This is great for movie scenes that have high caliber bullets destroying everything in their path (including 



If you need blood to splatter in your movie, this Blood Hit/Splatter Pack is for you. A 25% discount is a great deal! Get it while it lasts! Specs: 1080p at 30 fps

Blood Hits 1 - 4





The regular stock footage blood hit/splatter packs. Good for good action films with some bloody shootout scenes! Comes in packs containing either 3 or 4 files. Specs: 1080p at 30 fps

Blood Hits 9 - 13


Stock footage blood hit/splatter packs in 2K! Good for good action films with some crisp, bloody shootout scenes and close up bullet hits. Comes in packs containing either 3 to 5 files. Specs: 2K at 30 fps

Blood Splatters 4 - 6

Blood Splatters 1 - 3

Blood Hits 5 - 8

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